Leadership Development and Executive Coaching


Developing a Leadership Mindset (DALM) is a program designed for intact work teams so employees at every level can show up as a leader.

This starts with enhancing self-awareness – knowing when your thinking is and is not serving you well, how that impacts relationships and effectiveness, and then building the muscle to intentionally show up as the best version of you.

This awareness can then be channeled into improving communication, re-framing conflict as a call to creativity, and aligning around a shared vision for your workplace culture and guiding principles that allow everyone to thrive.

  • Improve team communication, conflict resolution, and promote self-awareness
  • Help employees find greater alignment with the organization’s purpose and values
  • Develop a psychologically safe workplace that can foster candor and collaboration

Leadership Coaching

What would it look like to have someone in your corner that could help you?

  • Define and achieve your most important goals
  • Develop clear communication skills
  • Enhance engagement, collaboration and innovation with your teams
  • Identify and optimize the use of key strengths
  • Become more adaptable and resilient in the face of change
  • Increase your confidence in moving your career forward
  • Improve time management and increase productivity
  • Achieve more satisfaction in your work and in your life
  • Gain new perspectives and solutions to business challenges
  • Inspire excellence in others

Coaching is a powerful opportunity for leaders to look beyond current success to see what’s possible for themselves, their teams and their organization. The coaching process creates space for leaders to think strategically and be pro-active; achieving positive break-throughs and greater satisfaction in their career and personal life. Leaders discover a bigger picture of who they are, who they can become and the impact that can have in their career.

Lead well – in your own life – in front of others

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
– International Coaching Federation

  • Coaching is about forward thinking
  • Coaching is about figuring out what already works
  • Coaching is about YOU

Leadership is an on-going process that takes time to develop.  A coach helps you understand yourself and the people you lead which is key to leadership development.  With coaching, leaders are able to leverage their strengths, build confidence, improve relationships, communication and interpersonal skills.

Through the coaching process:

  • A variety of assessments are used to assist self-understanding
  • Optimize strengths and values; leveraging them as they relate to goals
  • Identify attainable resources that enables goal achievement
  • Think more in-depth, engage in strategic thinking and arrive at better decisions
  • Develop the mindset of accomplishment and success
  • Expand your impact as a leader

Coaching addresses specific projects, goals, business challenges and career transitions.  Coaching examines what is going on right now, identifies any obstacles or challenges, and creates strategies for success.  Coaching results in remarkable, observable, long-term transformation and is the most effective and efficient platform for evoking the very best in leaders.

Coaching results:

  • A supportive partnership where you create your own results, solutions and actions
  • Help that sheds a light on blind spots to improve performance from an outside perspective
  • A process of inquiry and personal discovery to build one’s level of awareness
  • Enabling the client to exceed past performance and take on new challenges
  • Shifts in thinking and behavior patterns to produce winning results

Are you ready to accelerate your learning, experience measurable results and be inspired to reach your highest leadership potential?  

As your coach, together we will explore and get clear on your most important leadership development goals.  By listening, observing and creating a customized approach tailored to your needs, you will be supported to think more in-depth, elicit your own strategies and solutions, create action steps and enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you naturally possess.  You will be provided with feedback, support, tools and practices while encouraging your growth and success to become a star performer!

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