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LeadWell Consulting

Your organization’s ability to profitably fulfill its purpose and sustain the test of time depends largely on the well-being of its people, the performance of its teams and the quality of its leaders. Creating and maintaining a culture where people can live and work to their potential requires an integrated approach that addresses all three.

We work with you to uncover employee insights, create strategic plans, implement customized trainings that help you design well-being into the flow of work.

LeadWell Training

All of our workshops and training help support leaders and teams to be more cohesive, collaborative and creative. We help you navigate the complex waters of change, identify thinking and behavior patterns that keep you stuck, and inspire people to lead more courageously.

In this program, people will learn to…  

As a result, you and your organization will experience…

Leadership is a state of mind.

It’s about learning to live from a place of authenticity and inspiring others to succeed. As we collectively shift our mindset in this direction, we can create a shared vision for our workplace:

A more humanized workplace.

LeadWell Coaching

We all have blind spots that can get in our way of having the impact we desire in our lives. These blind spots can be illuminated with a trusted partner who can support and challenge us in ways we can’t on our own. This is where coaching comes into play.

Some common focus areas with coaching:

Meet Lisa

Lisa Loggins

Lisa Loggins, M.A., PCC

As a leadership, culture and well-being consultant and coach, Lisa strongly believes there is a critical link between employee wellbeing and organizational success. In her work, she brings evidence-based strategies for resilience, engagement and well-being into the workplace. She is dedicated to working with people, teams and organizations to connect with values, build strengths, explore possibilities to create change.

Before Lisa’s career path landed her in the field of Leadership Development and Coaching, she was privileged to work 20+ years in healthcare and corporate well-being, serving in various leadership roles and supporting a variety of industries. This experience uniquely positions Lisa to incorporate workplace design, culture and an employee-centric perspective helping organizations adopt a more creative approach toward transforming culture and influencing well-being at work.

Lisa works with leaders and teams at all levels to help them chart a course for greater success and authenticity in leadership. She offers a practical and insightful approach to developing others; empowering people to take their performance to a new level. Lisa’s fusion of education, experience and encouraging, yet purposeful approach, enables her to genuinely connect with her clients that supports discovery and new learning. 

Lisa has a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and is a certified Personal & Executive Coach, credentialed through the International Coach Federation. She holds multiple certifications as a Thriving Worksite Culture Consultant™, a Developing a Leadership Mindset™ facilitator and is a certified Intrinsic Coach®. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Performance and is a certified Exercise Physiologist and is an Exercise is Medicine® practitioner credentialed through the American College of Sports Medicine.