4 Ways to Be Mindful Every Day

On this beautiful, snowy day in the DC area (after not having any measurable snow for 2 years!!), I can’t help marveling at the beauty of this wintry weather and how it contributes to my mindfulness. Wanting to keep this brief, here are 4 super easy ways for you to stay mindful…every day and on snow days!!

  1. SCHEDULE TIME TO RELAX – Like exercising or eating well, relaxing is a key component to taking care of yourself. You might not always have control over situations, but you can control how you react. Practice a go-to technique that helps you relax, like breathing techniques, listening to music, or meditation. This will allow you to relax your body and mind more easily in moments of anxiety or stress. Consider relaxation as an investment in your well-being and ability to handle whatever life brings.
  2. PUT DOWN THE PHONE – As fun as social media is, spending too much time plugged in can leave you feeling anxious. At least once a week, commit to turning your phone off or leaving it in the car during a social even or solo excursion. It’s fun to relive your memories through photos and social media stories, but it’s even more special to full enjoy your experiences while they’re happening.
  3. STAY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – You have a skincare routine, a wake-up ritual, and maybe even a coffee schedule. So, why not also include some mental wellness practices in your daily routine? Mindfulness means being in the present moment and letting go of the worries of the past and future. Spending 10-15 minutes walking, journaling, or meditating can have a dramatic effect on the brain throughout the day by improving productivity and decreasing stress and anxiety. Adding mindfulness to your daily routine will establish positive habits that will bring long-term benefits. It’s an essential reset that relaxes and helps you get perspective on the challenges of everyday life.
  4. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS – When you get home from work, do whatever you need to do to set yourself up for success the next day; make your lunch ahead of time, pack your gym clothes, and organize your to-do list. Having those first steps complete will make it much easier to stay on track. Once you’ve taken care of business, dedicate the remainder of the night to unwinding. That might mean soaking in the bath (or a long shower), listening to music, calling your best friend, or stretching on your yoga mat.

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