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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership = Courageous Presence We can all be mindful leaders. No matter where you are in your organization or in the community, there are steps we can take every day to build a more conscious, intentional world around us. What is Mindful Leadership? Mindful leaders establish the presence of trust, clarified purpose, and shared […]

The Role of Self-Protection

Our brains are designed to maximize pleasure and reward and avoid pain and punishment. We experience social pain the same way we experience physical pain; our brains don’t really know the difference. When we experience social pain and perceive something as a threat, we have a very predictable neurological response (i.e. fight or flight stress […]

Visioning a Thriving Now

Clarifying and Creating a Collective Vision for Your Future The last several months have no doubt brought about change and disruption to all of our lives – some more/some less – some negative/some positive. All of us have experienced shifts to our ways of doing, thinking and being. Just the simple act of going to […]

Checking In

How are you supporting your employees? Do you check in regularly with them one-on-one? Especially in these challenging times? Below are 5 Steps to help you prepare and have a caring one-on-one with your people. Before you meet, get familiar with all the resources availableto employees.• This includes knowing if you have an EAP plan, […]

Nothing is Static

We are always moving, always in motion and yet sometimes it feels as if we aren’t making the forward progress we desire. This quote resonated for me to stay the course and be patient “The last few years have taught me to suspend my desire for a conclusion, to assume that nothing is static and […]

Restoring a Sense of Balance

When you’re anxious, try grounding yourself in the moment to restore your sense of balance. Explore the places you feel your body touching a surface – notice the grass, the bed, the hard floor, or whatever it may be. Bring all your attention to the weight of your body itself. Now feel the sensation of […]

Work with a Coach!

Referral from a Client! Want to improve the quality of your life and your well-being? Then consider an executive coach! Executive coaching is not just for leadership and teams. Executive coaches can help you identify, make plans, and take action to move toward your goals. I met Lisa Loggins, MA, ACC; Founder & CEO of […]