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Restoring a Sense of Balance

When you’re anxious, try grounding yourself in the moment to restore your sense of balance. Explore the places you feel your body touching a surface – notice the grass, the bed, the hard floor, or whatever it may be. Bring all your attention to the weight of your body itself. Now feel the sensation of […]

Work with a Coach!

Referral from a Client! Want to improve the quality of your life and your well-being? Then consider an executive coach! Executive coaching is not just for leadership and teams. Executive coaches can help you identify, make plans, and take action to move toward your goals. I met Lisa Loggins, MA, ACC; Founder & CEO of […]

Being Self-Aware

Managing Triggers to “Armor Up” The key starting point of being able to navigate the waters of adaptive change is being self aware…in particular, recognizing and managing our triggers to “armor up.” Let’s start by looking at the relationship between our work and personal lives. Imagine these two figures represent 3-tier wedding cakes. At the […]


The world is changing rapidly; strategies and approaches that may have worked a few years ago quickly become irrelevant given changes in technology, our environment and demographic shifts and demands with the workforce. This requires showing up differently in order to thrive in this VUCA world; it requires building psychological safety where interpersonal fear is […]

Metro DC Chapter Coaching CoP: Saboteurs vs. Sage: Make It a TKO!

Nov 14 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Location: C2 Technologies, 1919 Gallows Rd., Vienna, VA 22182 Registration Member  – Free Non-Member – $10.00 There is constant sparring going on inside your mind between your “Sage” and your “Saboteurs.” The Saboteurs work diligently to undermine you and your efforts, increasing your levels of stress, insecurity, […]

Developing a Leadership Mindset

  Developing a Leadership Mindset Program Overview Leadership is maximizing our positive impact on the world by becoming our best, fully authentic selves and supporting those around us to break past barriers and step into their greatness.      ~Rosie Ward & Jon Robison (Rehumanizing the Workplace) Purpose: To enhance psychological safety and a leadership mindset […]

Creating a Shared Culture

People only support what they’ve helped to create – unless they are part of the process to create the desired future, it is difficult for them to be actively engaged in making the vision a reality. Culture Visioning Workshop LeadWell Coaching Strategies, LLC offers Culture Visioning workshops to help guide your organization’s efforts for culture […]