The Organization of Your Dreams

What would it look like to lead and work in the organization of your dreams?

In a May 2013 Harvard Business Review article, the authors examined what it means to have an authentic, thriving organization. They identified the six imperatives below that allow organizations to operate at their fullest potential by providing people the opportunity to do their best work.

1.  Let People be Themselves. Ideal organizations are aware of dominant themes in its culture and nurtures individuality by letting people be themselves. It doesn’t resort to the conventional performance appraisal system and instead focuses on self-determination and continuous feedback and support from management.

2.  Flow of Information. Ideal organizations don’t spin information. They respect their employees need and wanting to know what’s going on – striving for honesty and transparency.

3.  Magnify People’s Strengths. Ideal organizations magnify people’s strengths by helping them become even better with great training and development.

4.  Stand for More Than Shareholder Value. People want to be part of something that has shared meaning and purpose. This is becoming more important with the demographic shift in the workforce where millennials want to make a difference and expect businesses to care.

5.  Show How the Daily Work Makes Sense. Leaders go out of their way for job enrichment and deliberately consider the tasks employees performs.

6.  Have Rules People Can Believe In. Dream organizations provide compelling reasons for people to embrace necessary structures that support the organization’s purpose.


You may be thinking that this is an unachievable utopia but there is tremendous research that supports working toward creating a truly authentic organization.

A thriving workplace culture supports and enhances the wellbeing of both the people and the organization.  Bringing creativity, strategic perspective, energy and thought leadership into the workplace, organizations are challenged to think big while generating solutions that serve the business and the client.

Contact me today for an exploratory conversation around better ways to leverage the fusion of organizational development and well-being in your organization.  Together, we will build on what is already going well and create a compelling vision of your thriving workplace culture.

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