Turn Stressing into a Blessing

Turn Stressing into a Blessing this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a particularly stressful time for most people for many reasons. During this time of year, stress happens primarily because of unrealistic expectations, feeling overwhelmed and losing site of what matters most to us. The good news is that stress can be like an internal GPS, shining light on course corrections to get us back on track.

Decades of marketing has told us we’re supposed to be filled with the magic of Hallmark, what we see on TV or in the movies or all over Pinterest; setting expectations that are seriously out of reach. If we can laugh at these unrealistic models of what the holidays are “supposed to look like”, we immediately release stress hormones and see more clearly how to create an experience that is aligned with what matters most to us.

Research has shown that when people view stress as health-promoting stimulation (energy- which helps our brain and body work better) instead of system-wide breakdown (anxiety- which causes brain fog and inflammation leading to excess wear and tear on our system), the physiological response and the results are dramatically different.

• Stress is not good or bad- a sense we have when something is not as we think/feel it should be
• We feel stress when something that matters to us is at stake
• Stressing can be one of our greatest blessings if we take time to pay attention and adjust
• Stress is simply a stimulus for change
• Can trigger positive AND negative adaptive responses depending on perspective

Tips to Manage Stress:

• Create your own picture of what you want the holiday season to look and feel like
• Bring your best energy to the holiday season
• Have a support system
• Create a clear picture of how you want to feel this season

More positive nudges to fuel your journey:

• Recharge regularly –
-Prioritize sleep
-Eating healthfully and regularly during this time as much as possible
-Make movement a priority

• Rethink your stress –
-Pause and reflect
-Say NO more
-Be in the Moment

• Redesign your routine
-Not about time but the energy you bring
-Does it support your goals?

Curious about learning more?  Contact me for a conversation on how to “Turn Stressing into a Blessing this Holiday Season”





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