Being Self-Aware

Managing Triggers to “Armor Up”

The key starting point of being able to navigate the waters of adaptive change is being self aware…in particular, recognizing and managing our triggers to “armor up.”

Let’s start by looking at the relationship between our work and personal lives.

Imagine these two figures represent 3-tier wedding cakes. At the top of each cake are the outcomes that you’re wanting to achieve in life and that the organization wants to achieve. There are 2 parts of ourselves that contribute to whether or not we achieve those outcomes – work/world side (or as a doer – out there doing things for other people) and self-side (us taking care of ourselves – our WHOLE self).

If your mission was to get the cake in one piece to a million dollar wedding, which cake would you ultimately want to be responsible for?

Figure A. Why? Because it is more stable and has a better base.

Notice what that base is – self-side. Yet we are so conditioned to sacrifice ourselves at any cost thinking we are helping. We will sacrifice sleep, exercise, hobbies, our children’s events and more to work even more hours, do things for others, etc. We THINK we are doing good, but how long can you continue like Figure B before you run out of energy and your cake basically topples over?

So your self-side, YOUR WELLBEING matters! If you keep depleting yourself, you won’t have the energy to enjoy the people and things that matter to you in your life. And, it’s nearly impossible to have effective interpersonal interactions when you’re in a state like Figure B.

Adapted from Salveo Partners, LLC

If you would like to learn more about what triggers you or your teams to “Armor Up”, reach out…I’d love to chat about how we can help!



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