Visioning a Thriving Now

Clarifying and Creating a Collective Vision for Your Future

The last several months have no doubt brought about change and disruption to all of our lives – some more/some less – some negative/some positive. All of us have experienced shifts to our ways of doing, thinking and being. Just the simple act of going to the grocery store has caused us to do things differently. As we being to step in fall and the remainder of 2020 – think about what a thriving NOW looks like for you!

What does it look like when you are living and being your authentic best self? Each and everyday – what is meaningful and fulfilling to you?

What are the specific behaviors that help support this?

What are the behaviors that tend to undermine or sabotage?


What do you need to START doing in order to live your authentic best self? Think of these as things you’re either not doing at all or not doing consistently enough.

What do you need to STOP doing? Think of these as things you’re doing to some degree that are getting in your way.

What do you need to CONTINUE? Think of things you are currently doing that are helpful and supportive.

How will you know if you are successful? Change takes time, but what indicators will let you know you’re on the right track? What will you see, experience or what metrics can you use?

How do you want to be supported and hold one another accountable?


~If you need help in “Visioning your Thriving Now”, I’d love to help support you. Message me for a discovery conversation.




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