Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership = Courageous Presence

We can all be mindful leaders. No matter where you are in your organization or in the community, there are steps we can take every day to build a more conscious, intentional world around us.

What is Mindful Leadership?

Mindful leaders establish the presence of trust, clarified purpose, and shared recognition.

  • Mindful Leadership is credited with higher retention rates, reduced turnover, higher employee engagement, and increased work satisfaction from those connected with the leader. The ROI is significant.
  • Mindful leaders are self-aware. They know themselves very well. They are aware of who they truly are, their strengths, limitations and have few blind spots. They know what they can offer uniquely and areas where they need the support of others. They engage people and allow them to work where they fit the best the bring their A-game.
  • Mindful leaders demonstrate emotional intelligence. Language and energy reflects their respect for others, welcoming different perspectives, and the confident vulnerability to not have to know it all. This creates a workplace environment where new ideas are welcomed, people feel seen, heard and valued and failure is viewed as learning on the road to creativity, innovation and success.
  • Mindful leaders have high cultural intelligence. They have developed the right mindset and the cross cultural communication competency it take to get along very well with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, religions, and perspectives. They easily cross cultures without committing deadly cultural ‘sins’. They are mindful of the similarities and differences of diverse cultures. They are conscious and deliberate as they interact and work with diverse teams both in person and virtually.

Mindful leaders are curious, inclusive and care about the people who execute and serve the business. They put humans first and in doing so, cultivate trust, invite others to contribute their unique ideas and talents, and foster a sense of team and connectedness that produces better results and relationships.

Adapted from SOAR Community Network

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