We can all use a little encouragement

Encouragement helps to build self-esteem, self motivation and cooperation with others.

  • Focused on process
  • Internal evaluation
  • Increases competency
  • Person feel accepted as is
  • Growth focused
  • Not dependent on outcomes
  • Non-judgmental
  • Points out specifics without adding evaluation

Three Pillars of Encouragement


  • Specific steps taken
  • Accomplishments towards a goal
  • Recognizing special abilities
  • Pointing out usefulness of ideas


  • Seeing new ways of showing up
  • Stepping into new parts of themselves
  • Where, when, how does new way of being surface


  • New Possibilities
  • Genesis of ideas that seemed out of reach or too large to step into

So, what does this look like?

Noticing – The accomplishments, ideas, attributes, differences between actions and person

Supporting – Embracing fear and failure, expressing confidence, appreciation, interest, finding similarities

Questioning – Asking, Deeper Meanings, Feedback,


What’s possible in your world if we gave a little more Encouragement?

Source: Nicoletta Pichardo, The Performance Coach

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