Put Yourself First ~ Not Last

Put Yourself First ~ Not Last

As a leader, do you put others first or do you put yourself first? Many, if not most people would be quick to say that they put others needs above their own, thinking this is the expectation of their leadership role. What if, you made the choice to put yourself first, instead of last? What could be some positive outcomes by making a few small shifts in thinking and taking a few small steps to action that could make all the difference for yourself……. and for those around you.

Great leaders understand the importance of balance in their lives. These leaders make personal goals, dreams and plans a priority every day. Don’t be discouraged by thinking that this involves a great amount of time out of your day. Taking small steps each day get you closer to living your priorities, a greater sense of balance and an increase in your job satisfaction. This will look differently for everyone. Some of the obvious ways to make yourself a priority is keep active to maintain your health and energy. Having interests outside of work and pursuing them on a regular basis keeps the work/life satisfaction scale in check. Another way is to not overcommit to things that do not support your priorities and outsource what you can in order to make well-being your top priority.

The added benefit is that by putting yourself first, you become a role model for the people around you. They will see that making time for themselves and their well-being in and outside of work may inspire them to discover their goals, dreams and plans. Lead well – in your own life – in front of others. Isn’t this what leadership is all about

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