Listening to What Matters

Being genuinely curious about someone during a given interaction allows you to learn what matters most to them and what they are trying to accomplish; whether it’s an immediate need or a long-term goal.

Listening has a large impact on what we are seeking in our personal and workplace relationships. Active listening is the ability to focus completely on what someone is saying and is not saying. It requires paying attention to their words as well as tone and body language.
Managing distractions, being fully in the moment and projecting positive body language shows someone that you are physically engaged in their story. Demonstrating empathy, creating connections without interrupting and reflecting what you heard creates the capacity for dealing with emotion. Opening your mind with mental presence helps quiet your agenda and cultivates a genuine curiosity for listening and engaging.

The next time you really want to connect with someone, place your focus on them to listen and understand what they are saying instead of listening to respond. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


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