Creating a Shared Culture

People only support what they’ve helped to create – unless they are part of the process to create the desired future, it is difficult for them to be actively engaged in making the vision a reality.

Culture Visioning Workshop

LeadWell Coaching Strategies, LLC offers Culture Visioning workshops to help guide your organization’s efforts for culture transformation and alignment.

Culture Visioning workshops can be used on a broad scale for strategic planning and workplace transformation efforts but can also be used on a smaller scale – to solve a department or specific business challenge where new, innovative thinking is needed. 

Workshops are conducted in 2 phases.  Below you will find the reflection questions to get you thinking about your desired workplace culture.

Phase 1:  Culture Visioning

  • Fast forward to 3-5 years from now; if your workplace culture is thriving – meaning everyone can bring the best version of themselves to work, to be their best selves while they’re here, and bring their best selves home – what does that look like?
  • What behaviors are consistent with the supportive of this desired culture?
  • What behaviors are consistent with and would sabotage this desired culture?
  • What will tell you you’re headed in the right direction (or need to course-correct)?

Phase 2: Culture Planning

  • What do we need to START doing in order to move towards live our desired culture?
  • What do we need to STOP doing in order to remove obstacles and move towards living our desired culture?
  • What do we need to KEEP/CONTIUE doing that is supportive of and moving us towards living our desired culture?
  • What are our Game Changers (e.g., those things that will make the biggest difference over the next 12 months in moving us towards our desired culture)?
  • How do we want to support each other/hold each other accountable for intentionally living our desired culture and Core Values?

It is critical that employees participate in setting the vision and clarifying how a thriving workplace culture will be manifested in terms of behaviors, communication practices, training and development, and resources provided.  By being part of the process, employees will better understand how they fit into the picture. 

According to Margaret Wheatley:

               The work of any team or organization needs to start with a clear sense of what they are trying to       accomplish and how they want to behave together…once this clarity is established, people will use it as their lens to interpret information, surprises, experiences.  They will be able to figure out what and how to do their work.

Humans are far more emotional than logical when rallying behind a vision or cause.  Therefore, the future vision must be inspirational and take people beyond themselves while still having an immediate experiential appeal.

Adapted from Salveo Partner, LLC

If your organization is ready for real organization culture transformation, I’d love to talk with you and see how we can work together to bring your vision of Creating a Shared Culture into a reality. 



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