Developing a Leadership Mindset


Developing a Leadership Mindset Program Overview

Leadership is maximizing our positive impact on the world by becoming our best, fully authentic selves and supporting those around us to break past barriers and step into their greatness.  

   ~Rosie Ward & Jon Robison (Rehumanizing the Workplace)

Purpose: To enhance psychological safety and a leadership mindset so everyone can show up as a leader in all areas of their lives and effectively support the organization’s purpose and mission, improving both the employee and customer experience.

Description: Most of us know what we should be doing to communicate more effectively with our colleagues and patients, so why don’t we just do it? What is it that sometimes keeps us from bringing our best selves to work each day…and our best selves home? These questions and many more are addressed in this program. Psychological safety and a Leadership Mindset form a critical foundation for effective communication, navigating change, and avoiding burnout. We can’t expect to DO differently until we can THINK differently; so the program starts with enhancing self-awareness and being aware of when your thinking is and is not serving you well and how that impacts interpersonal interactions. Then you take that awareness into improving communication and collectively creating a shared vision for your workplace culture and guiding principles that allow everyone to thrive.

Program Objectives: As a result of engaging in this program, employees will experience:

 Improved self-awareness

 Increased psychological safety

 Improved team communication and conflict resolution

 Greater alignment to the organization’s purpose and vision

Delivery: This program is designed to be delivered to small groups via 90- minute interactive, in-person workshops (although not ideal, it can be adjusted to make 60-minute sessions work if needed – usually by adding an additional session to not short-change the content). The workshops are conducted at 3 to 4-week intervals with participants doing some practical application exercises in between sessions to maximize the program’s impact and effectiveness. It is best delivered within work teams to build a mutually agreed upon workplace culture where peers actively hold one another accountable to living their desired culture. A pre-post psychological safety assessment is also conducted.

Steps for Success: Ideally this program is positioned as a “team-enhancing” opportunity. It can help with teams who are struggling; however, if there are individual employee behavior issues that are the primary cause of the team struggles, those issues should be addressed prior to implementing this program.

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